The international organization of govern
Hello and welcome to an organization that fight for the oppressed. We aske that your nation sign up to joln our day to day fight.
The international organization of govern
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The constitution for now

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The constitution for now Empty The constitution for now

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:32 am

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consitution for the alliance know as the International Organization of Governments(IOG). Article 1: Govering Body
The IOG is governing by a congress of all membering nations known as the Chamber of Nations will be in charge of the matters of war, treaties, trade, and aid. The nations holding government rank will be part of a inner circle called the IOG Command Coucil which will be charge of all branches of the military.

Article 2: Membering Nations
Membering nations can propose resolutions on the IOG thread. Members will not declare war on another membering nation if this happens the Command Council will vote on the action.

Article 3: War
The Chamber of Nations will be in charge of all wartime prepareness and operations. The combat operations are planned by the IOGCC and approved by the CoN. Members that are currently in war will automatically have the support of the IOG. Non-members may request support and aid from IOG by submit a telegram to the Internal Officer stating the problem or the crisis.

Article 4: Trade
IOG members have the right to trade with anybody they want too or currently have a trading agreement with before they joined the IOG. If a member is at war with a specific nation then the whole organization will place a embargo on that nation to give support for our ally. The IOG is open up to trade with other organizations and military alliance. Trade agreements among the members will be left up to the members in general and its their choice about how much the charge for exports and imports. Discount prices are up to the members to choose but IGO Command Council want them within reasonable terms for the organization.

Article 5: IOG Defense Force
Membering nations are expected to give as least 1% of their military forces to the Defense Force of the International Organization of Governments(DFIOG). The defense force will be under the command of the command council but the Chamber of Nations will be in charge of troop deployments and operation approvals. Members may also request the DFIOG to be deployed to touble areas if there is a crisis or a sitution is currently in progress and the DFIOG will also act as peacekeepers if requested by a member or a non-member. The interal officer of the IOG will sereve as the IOGDF commander and oversee all combat operations that our forces are handling.

Article 6: Alliances with other Orgaizations
The Prime Minster reserves all rights to make alliances with other organizations after the alliance is made the prime minster must propose a resolution for the other members to vote on. If the alliance is past by the members the prime minster will then telegram the founder of that organization and give them our answer about the alliance.

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